Mobile Applications Development

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Hybrid mobile applications are created for Android / iOS platforms using Ionic framework ( Most often this is an application developed using web technologies, rather than native development. The result is a web application that runs in a "wrapper" and serves not as a web page, but as a standalone application. It requires no installation and has a separate icon.

Below is the hybrid platform mobile applications:

Ionic iOS app:
App developed for 16th Annual National Conference of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry.

Please find below the snapshots of the hybrid mobile applications

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

We use phonegap ( for cross platform mobile application development built for Android / iOS / Windows / Blackberry OS devices. The idea of cross-platform solutions is not in its usability, but in the optimization of mobile application development process. Therefore, cross-platform application is a solution developed to minimize development efforts by compiling the source code for further execution on multiple mobile platforms. We use service for building the executables for different platforms and service for deploying the application for iOS.

Below is the list of cross platform mobile applications:

Android app :
App for providing you an assorted mix of valuable features, this easy to use application helps seamlessly integrate scientific updates across various therapies

iOS App :

BlackBerry App :
Articles and journal names are displayed every month for doctors through this application.

Please find below the snapshots of the cross platform mobile applications

Android Native Application and Android Cordova Plugin Development

Native android applications can be created using Java to access native android sdk apis.

Cordova plugin is developed for accessing the native SDK apis from HTML5 via javascript. Plugin structure has to created and compiled in android sdk development platform. Recently we created two Cordova plugins for ACR32 SmartCard Reader and Barcode Scanner native SDKs.

Please find the video of the Barcode Scanning plugin recently created.

Deploying to App Markets: We have expertise for building / deploying apps to respective mobile application markets, please find below the snapshot of the mobile application submitted and deployed in the blackberry world market.